Monday, October 21, 2013

Binky Be Gone

Of my three boys, 2 were finger suckers and one was a binky lovin' munchkin. He didn't walk around all day with it in his mouth.  BUT, he couldn't sleep without it.  So annoying.  I wasn't gonna complain.  The kid was sleeping like a champ. 

My husband was anti-binky, being the devout dental hygienist that he is.  He had a million and one reasons to get rid of that binky ASAP.  

Hubs had an awesome idea go to Build a Bear and put the binky inside the bear.  A friend told me she did that and it was all special and awesome. Until, her kid went to bed that night and attempted to rip the bear to shreds to get said binky back into her own mouth.  

Eh, I decided to try it anyway.  

Here we were at Build a Bear, building a bear:
Just look at his innocent, unknowing 2 year old eyes. 
I felt like an evil wicked witch. I even look like one in this picture. 
Cackling as I stir my cauldron. 

In short, it worked. 
He never tried to rip the bear open. It took 3 days of crying himself to sleep at night (and not napping in the day, ugh).  Seemed like a year and my heart broke for him.  And I hated my husband for putting me through hell.  BUT... after three days, I was able to get his sleeping schedule back on track and he was happy again. If your kid is older, it may longer.   

Listen, though...  

This is not about the bear at all. That's just to soften the blow. Once you decide to be done with the binky you gotta be hard core, man.  No woosing out. Once that binky goes into the bear, you need to clear out the house, purse, car, and couch of any binky that may exist.  You CANNOT keep a spare one 'just in case'.  I promise if you do, you WILL give in.  If you don't have one, it's way easier to let the kid get over it. And save tons o' money on orthodontics.

After's just a binky, right? 
(I know.  It totally blows. BUT it doesn't mean you can't do it!)

How did YOU quit the binky?
Comment below.
How to stop

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