Monday, October 14, 2013

How do I make these green tomatoes turn red?

My sister, texted me this picture a few minutes ago and asked, 
"How do I make them turn red?"
Here's your answer:

Let 'em sit in a closed paper bag or box.

Each tomato will ripen at different rates from 2-14 days.
Want to expedite your order? 
Put a ripe fruit in with them, like a banana.
Don't refrigerate.

Wanna know why?
Ripening fruit emits a gas called, Ethylene. If you keep them in an enclosed place the gas is trapped inside the container and makes them ripen faster. The more ripe the fruit the more gas it emits which is why putting an already ripened fruit in the bag makes the process even faster.

Did you know?
Most fruit and veggies bought at a grocery store is picked before its ripe and they ripen on the truck on the way to the packaging plants and then the grocer. They have to pick them before they are ripe or they would be rotten by the time they got to the store.

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