Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is Your Babysitter Worth It?

You get home after a long night out and the food from 3 hours ago is still sitting on the counter, dishes are still on the table, toys are strewn all over, and the sitter is playing on her cell phone, your laptop, or sleeping on the couch.

Was this 'night out' even worth it?

On the other hand, I have this one sitter who comes with supplies to play with my kids; bins of craft supplies, stuffed animals, cars, and more. I get home to a pretty spotless house and the sitter is finishing up the dishes. 

Jealous or WHAT?!
She is totally worth the cash. 

I've learned to lay it out to the sitter AHEAD of time exactly what they can get paid if they do certain things. This is what I say:
Here's me with 2 of my 3 munchkins. Yep, I'm good at looking happy while they choke me.
"When I get home, if the kids are alive, uninjured, and in bed, I will pay you $(the going rate per child, per hour).
(For me here in Idaho that's $6 for all 3 of my kids. Yes, I know how lucky I am.)
"If you do all of the above AND...the house is tidy, dinner is cleaned up, food put away, dishes washed, and that basket of laundry folded,
I pay an extra $2 more per hour."

They sitters ALWAYS show excitement when I say this. And they ALWAYS choose the higher pay. I get home, look around, ask how the night went, and pay up! 
I'm totally going out now.  Later!

Do you have any babysitter tips to share?

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