Sunday, October 13, 2013


aka, The Law of Harvest. 

What is it? 
Basically, What you give will always come back to you only bigger. 
Maybe making a list of examples of how I give and receive isn't the best way to go. My list may not apply to you or, I don't know, it could look prideful. But if you'd like some ideas you'll find some here.

For now, here's more about this law.

How to best utilize the Law of Harvest:

1. Give when its hard. In order for the Law of Circulation to work at its best giving must be somewhat painful. 

When people give me things I often share them with others. This is a good thing, but it didn't require much effort on my part. This was not hard.

Something that is hard for me though is giving my homemade marinara sauce to someone.  This required planting tomato seeds, tending the plants for months, harvesting the fruit, washing, chopping, and cooking them into this beautiful sauce. This took months of work and it is hard to give it away.

In the Law of Circulation things expand the most when we give things we created with hard work.

2. Give BEFORE we RECEIVE. We have to give because we know someone needs it. We have to give because we love them, even if its a stranger (yep, you can love a stranger). We must give without fear for our own needs.

This is a step of faith. Give and expect you will have what you need.

3. Receive willingly. If you have a hard time graciously accepting gifts then start with small things. Don't argue when someone offers to let you cut them in line at the grocery store. Don't downplay or deny a compliment. Learn to just say, "Thank You" and receive the gift.

Keep things moving. Keep giving. Keep receiving. As things move they keep growing, creating a life of abundance for us all.

Now if someone can tell me how to receive thicker and fuller hair, I'd appreciate it.

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